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PTF Bio X-Light Facial (1st Trial Promotion)

Promotion Price: $198 (40 shots) to $268 (60 shots)

At AFOND Spa, we are using the latest phototherapy technology from Japan.

PTF uses light to penetrate the skin, activating fibroblast to produce new collagen and elastic fibers, achieving smooth and toned skin. While Photothermal effect of the PTF Light enhances blood circulation, and helps to smooth wrinkles and shrink pores.

Pigmentation is reduced by means of heat energy which is absorbed faster by pigmented skin as it is denser than normal skin tissue. After the pigmentation is broken down, the melanin will be excreted through lymph nodes. This entire process is safe and non surgical, as the heat energy is mild and controlled.

PTF Bio X-Light Facial achieves the following results :-

  • Skin Rejuvenation, eliminates fine lines & shrink pores.
  • Lighten pigmentation & age spots, freckles etc.
  • Treat inflammatory and non-inflammatory acnes, such as papule, tuber, blain, cyst etc.
  • Accelerate the cell regeneration process,
  • Recuperate the skin and improve blood circulation & metabolism,
  • Improve elasticity of skin, leading to firmer skin.

PTF Bio X-Light Facial is an improved version of IPL, and is suitable for all skin types and achieves results without side effects. Most importantly, there would be no disruption to your social life, with proper moisturizing and sunscreen.


PTF Bio X-Light  Hair Removal (1st Trial Promotion)

Full Leg $68
Half Leg $38
Forearm $38
Eye Brow Wax $14
Under Arm $25
Upper Lip $14
Back $58
Brazilian $55
Bikini Line $40
Chest $58

PTF Bio X-Light Hair Removal is the newest way of painless hair removal that is semi-permanent after repeated use. This technology uses light to generate thermal energy which is absorbed by the Melanin, which then causes the hair follicles to coagulate thereby achieving painless hair removal.

Subsequent use will render the hair thinner and less visible, hair growth will slow down, thus achieving semi-permanent hair removal.

For Reservations, please call:

6836 0676 (Chinatown)

Please Contact AFOND Spa for prompt assistance on reservations or if you have any enquiries. As our Couple Spa Rooms are limited, we advice advance bookings.  Overseas customers are required to make full prepayment before reservation can be processed and confirmed.

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(Promotions valid for first time customers only. Valid until 30th June 2019.)