Pre-Natal / Post-Natal Massage Promotions


Pre-Natal / Post-Natal Massage Promotions

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Promotion Price: $ 134.40

Award winning Prenatal Massage in Singapore! We are voted “Best Mummy Massage in Women Weekly Awards in the Singapore Spa Category”. At AFOND Spa, we have been performing Prenatal Massage services in Singapore Spa industry for more than 16 years. Our highly trained team of professional therapists will ease your tension in a safe manner. Come try for yourself and see what the rave is about. A good Pre-Natal Body Massage can alleviate the pain you are feeling, improve your mood & mental attitude, and thus help the baby by having a happier mom. We know that pregnancy is a phase of great physical and emotional changes. It is a perfect time for a pregnant woman to get a massage and practice pampering herself in preparation for her new role as a caregiver. Good nutrition, ample rest, and regular Pre-Natal Massage benefits both the mother-to-be and the baby.

Benefits of Pre-Natal Body Massage are numerous, including:

  • Emotional support and nurturing touch;
  • Relaxation and decreased insomnia;
  • Relieves sciatic pain;
  • Relieves stress on weight-bearing joints, such as lower back and pelvis;
  • Relieves neck and back pain caused by muscle imbalance and weakness;
  • Assists in maintaining proper posture;
  • Preparing the muscles used during childbirth;
  • Reduced swelling in hands and legs;
  • Reduce calf cramps;
  • Relieves headache and sinus congestion.

Pre-Natal Massage is extremely beneficial after the 1st trimester. Thus one session a week during the 2nd trimester, and twice a week or more during the 3rd trimester is marvelous & thus strongly recommended. Communication with our staffs is essential by letting us know how far into your pregnancy you are, as it would help build rapport and understanding.

Pre-Natal Massage is usually safe for most mothers, but it is not recommended before the 1st trimester of pregnancy without the permission of an obstetrician, or if you are having complications with your pregnancy, feeling unwell with fever, diarrhoea, morning sickness or have diabetes, high-blood pressure.

We also perform Post-Natal Massage. Benefits of Post-Natal Massage are numerous, including:

  • Emotional support and nurturing touch;
  • Relaxation from stress of caring for newborn;
  • Reduces water retention;
  • Firms body and muscle tone;
  • General well-being by relieving muscle pains and body aches.

It is not easy to bring a child into this world and we understand that. Anything we can do at AFOND to enhance the pregnancy and child-bearing experience is an honour!

For Reservations, please call:

6836 0676 (Chinatown)

Please Contact AFOND Spa for prompt assistance on reservations or if you have any enquiries. As our Couple Spa Rooms are limited, we advice advance bookings.  Overseas customers are required to make full prepayment before reservation can be processed and confirmed.

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(Promotions valid for first time customers only. Valid until 30th June 2019.)