Spa Baths


Crystal Couple Jacuzzi Bath

Usual price: $ 104.86 (25 minutes)

Crystal Bath is jacuzzi bath experience that will help you relax your whole body with the therapeutic properties of Crystals which will “increase” your body’s energy field, while you rejuvenate and soak away all your worries. Reputed to be able to treat impotency and frigidity.


Mandi Lulur Couple Jacuzzi

Usual price: $ 104.86 (25 minutes)

Mandi Lulur Bath is a 25 minutes milk bath experience that lets you feel like a princess in a cloudy white tub of milky bath. You can feel the superior baby-soft skin and suppleness never felt before with this bath experience.

Come try the unique Mandi Lulur Bath at AFOND today!

Lifting Bust massage at AFOND Spa

Detoxification Herbal Jacuzzi

Usual price: $ 104.86 (25 minutes)

Detoxification Herbal Bath is a 25 minutes bath session which is a traditional remedy used for mothers during the post-natal period to expel wind and improve blood circulation, it also helps to reduce muscular and joint aches and reduces itch.

This Herbal Bath uses totally natural herbs and spices. It is suitable for all skin types, and the key benefits of this Herbal bath is cleansing and detoxification of your body, expelling wind and improving blood circulation.


De-stress Essential Oil Jacuzzi

Usual price: $ 104.86 (25 minutes)

De Stress Essential Oil Bath is a 25 minutes spa experience with selected Essential Oils. Enjoy the therapeutic healing sensation in an aromatic setting which is a pleasure to your senses.

This is a perfect setting to enjoy the sensual pleasures of aromatic Essential Oils, while some of the Oils’ properties are absorbed into your skin, the rest are evaporated into the atmosphere and inhaled, simultaneously healing and soothing the mind.


Hydrotherapy Jet Floral Jacuzzi

Usual price: $ 104.86 (25 minutes)

Hydrotherapy Jet Floral Bath is a 25 minutes Jacuzzi Bath treatment that allows you to pamper yourself to a sensuous bath experience, in a petal-filled Jacuzzi Bath with Rose or Jasmine Essential Oils.

Enjoy the therapeutic properties of Jacuzzi combined with the aromatic healing properties of Essential Oils!


Marine Sea Salt Couple Jacuzzi

Usual price: $ 104.86 (25 minutes)

Marine Sea Salt Bath is a 25 minutes bath experience that is rich in minerals and various types of sea salts, an invigorating experience which brings the benefits of deep purifying and detoxification, reducing muscle aches and also helps reduce water retention.

Look forward to a relaxing sensation, relieving tension and leaving you with a firmer and healthier body.

For Reservations, please call:

6836 0676 (Chinatown)

Please Contact AFOND Spa for prompt assistance on reservations or if you have any enquiries. As our Couple Spa Rooms are limited, we advice advance bookings.  Overseas customers are required to make full prepayment before reservation can be processed and confirmed.

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