Frequently Asked Questions

No Smoking by Law in AFOND Spa

Offenders will be subjected to a $200 + GST cleaning up fee / loss of operational capacity fee per offender. Name and NRIC / Fin no. will be forwarded to the proper authorities (NEA and Singapore Police Force) for follow-up. Maximum penalty under Singapore Law is $1000 per offence.

Do we need to bring or prepare anything before you come to AFOND Spa?

No, unless you are shy and wish to wear a bikini / swim wear when you are enjoying the Jacuzzi Bath. We will provide disposable underwear and towels for your convenience.

For some of the couple packages that includes a Jacuzzi session, we will leave the room for you to enjoy yourselves, but please unlock the doors after 20 minutes of the Jacuzzi Bath, so we can continue to serve you for the rest of your Spa session.

Why does my head feel uncomfortable during the body massage?

Our Massage beds have a hole at the top, in which you rest your head within. Sometimes, if you rest the weight of your head only on the forehead, it can cause you to experience headaches especially on your forehead.

To minimise discomfort, you should check that your forehead and chin are rested properly touching the bed. If there is two points of support, you will not feel uncomfortable. Alternatively, if you feel uncomfortable, you can also move your head or rest them on your arms instead of resting in the specially designed hole.

Are there any Couple’s Room in both your outlets?

Yes, we have private couple suites available at both our outlets, these rooms allow you and your friend / partner to enjoy our Spa Sessions in the same room with full privacy, they come with showers attached. There is also 1 VIP Room at South Bridge Road outlet which allows 4 spa-goers to have their spa session in the same room.

Subjected to availability, advance booking of 3-5 days suggested for weekends and public holidays.

If you prefer to have your treatments done in separate rooms, please highlight to us during your reservation or we may not be able to accommodate without prior notice.

Is the Shower Rooms and Jacuzzi attached within the Rooms?

Yes, each room comes with a shower room attached. Your privacy is respected and there will be no need to exit your treatment room once the Spa session begins. For Jacuzzis, there are attached jacuzzis for certain couple rooms, so prior reservations are needed.

The only shared facilities which is outside of your room is the Restrooms and the Infrared Sauna.

Is the Spa Facilities like the Jacuzzi Bath and Infrared Sauna free?

No, these facilities are chargeable, please clarify with the Customer Service Officers before you use any of our facilities to make sure there are no misunderstandings.

Can I shower before or after my Spa Session?

You may shower before your Spa Session, but the time is included in your treatment time, which means a shorter massage session.

No, You cannot shower after your massage. The reason is that your skin is covered with essential oils and it is not recommended that you come into contact with water until 2 hours later, or else rheumatism may occur during old age. Also, it is beneficial for your body that the essential oils remain on the body for a few hours for it to be absorbed into the body.

Can I use the treatment rooms after my treatment ends?

No, it is a good point to note that it is customary for our customers to leave the treatment rooms within five or ten minutes, so that we can prepare the rooms for the next customers.

We do have a few vanity areas where you may wish to utilize near the restroom areas.

Should I turn off my mobile phone?

Yes, absolutely, this is your quiet time for you to relax and unwind. You may turn on your mobile phone after you have left AFOND Spa.

Are our prices inclusive of GST and other taxes?

No, we are required by Law to charge 7% GST to all our services and packages. With effect from 15th November 2010, all prices listed in our website will be subjected to GST.

All prices listed in our website and materials are in Singapore Dollars.

Can we accept Nets or Credit Cards?

Yes, all major Credit Cards and Nets are accepted, we do prefer cash if possible. Please take note that our cashiers do not have more than S$200 change available at all times, if you produce a S$1,000 bill, we are unable to provide change for that. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

For packages, we also have 0% interest plans with most major credit cards.

Do you have to tip our therapists?

All tips are appreciated but not compulsory. Your tip is very rewarding to the spa therapists because they know that they have performed well and up to your expectations. Even if you do not tip them, please do praise or thank them if they have performed well, as that brings happiness to their day.

When are we closed?

We are opened every day of the year except Christmas Day and 4 days during Lunar Chinese New Year, we will be reopened on the 4th day of the Lunar Chinese New Year.

Opening Hours:-
Mon to Fri: 10:00am to 10:30pm
Sat, Sun & P.Holidays: 10:00am to 10:30pm

Are all the therapists female?

Yes, all our therapists are female and most of them are professionally qualified with certificates recognized by the Singapore Government.

(The only male voice you may hear is the Manager’s, however he is very respectful of your privacy, hence you will never see him in the rooms once the treatment has began.)

Why is it that AFOND Spa cannot give a time allowance for customers to be late?

You are required to be 15 mins early for your reservation, this allows time for you to park your car or find our location, and visit the restrooms before the Spa Session begins. We always try our best to accommodate to everyone, however our appointments and rooms are fully booked especially on weekends, thus all latecomers would have their treatment time reduced without compensation. This is to be fair to customers who arrived 15 mins early and made it a point not to be late.

Do we hard sell?

“… In my opinion, this is a prevalent problem in the Spa Industry, where some companies advertise very cheap rates like $28 for facial or massage but when you are there, they “force” you to addon treatments for extra costs, and towards the end of the session, they try to use hard-selling tactics to pressure you into parting with $5,000 to $10,000 to sign up for packages or become their members. This is how they survive their high marketing costs, their business strategy…”

However, AFOND Spa is proud of ourselves for being able to survive for so many years without resorting to such tactics, we refuse to hard sell, we refuse to hide any costs, and we refuse to make empty promises. We are in this business because of our Vision:- AFOND Spa aims to provide Beauty and Spa Services to the wide public, while maintaining high class service and quality, achieving “True Relaxation, Rejuvenation and Revitalization”.

So my answer is that “No, AFOND Spa does not hard sell, and we also do not disturb you in the midst of your spa session to try to sell packages to you. In fact, we try our best not to talk to you so you may relax fully especially during massage.”

Hence, if you like our service and our attitude to excellence, please spread kind words about us and recommend friends to us, link our website, that way we can continue to spread our wings above the “vultures”.

Our Definition of Hard selling: “Locking customer up in a consultation room and use 2 or more staffs to exert pressure on customers to part with obscene amount of money like $5,000 or $10,000 for packages” and/or “selling within the treatment rooms while the spa session is still on-going and refusing to keep quiet for the customer to relax.”

Fact: AFOND Spa sell packages which are value for money and we employ soft skills and non aggressive selling tactics, we will explain to you about our packages and you make the final decision on whether to buy or not. Please do not confuse this with hard selling, this accusation hurts the morale of our staffs who know what kind of business we are in as compared to other spas out there.

When would my sessions in my package be forfeited?

We are very reluctant to forfeit your sessions, but in the event of either a “No-show” or a cancellation or change of appointment slots with less than 4 hours to the original start time for the appointment, we will have the right to forfeit your sessions without any compensation.

“No-show” is when you have confirmed your reservation the day before and did not informed us of any changes or cancellation, no attempts were made to contact Afond Spa. In this case, we have the right to forfeit your sessions without any compensation.

Note: Please understand that you have been given the reservation while there are people who aren’t as lucky and remain on the waiting list. Without giving us at least 4 hours notice, we are not able to find customers who can make it in time for a Spa session at Afond, and we have lost our operating capacity due to this. To be fair to us, we have no choice but to forfeit sessions when the above situations happen.

To be fair to you, we always try our best to rearrange another appointment on the same day for you, however it may not be possible at short notice, especially within 4 hours.

Do we provide any “extra” services?

No. We are a professional Spa and a member of Spa Association Singapore, we are now a category 1 Spa (The highest accolade awarded to Day Spas) and all our therapists are professionals with relevant certificates and diplomas. We provide proper and professional massage, facials and other spa services.

Please respect our therapists and bear in mind that the Management does not tolerate any “special” requests and we will not hesitate to involve the Police.