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Did you know about Paralysing Beauty?

A popular way smoothing wrinkles currently is through the injection of Botox, a.k.a botulinum toxin, into the facial muscles. Botulinum toxin is produced by the bacteria, Clostridium Botulinum, which is a neurotoxin and reputedly one of the most poisonous substance known, it works by immobilizing the facial muscles. By preventing the facial muscles, and thus the skin, from moving, wrinkles are instantly erased. These results usually last for between 3 to 6 months.

Although the treatment in itself has been proven safe, many concerns have been raised. Prolonged use, required because effectiveness lasts only for a limited period, causes the facial muscles to loosen. If repeat treatments are stopped, the resultant slack muscles will cause the face to be even more wrinkled than before. By immobilising some muscles, studies have shown that the face might employ other muscles to create the same facial expressions, thus causing new wrinkles to form. And as with the introduction of any foreign substances to the body, the body might activate its defence mechanism to counter these foreign substances. These anti­bodies may also reduce the effectiveness of such treatments.

Because of such concerns, AFOND offers many healthy and effective facial treatments as safer alternatives. At AFOND Spa, we use a variety of products from renowned Beauty Care specialists like Guinot. Enjoy peace of mind while True Beauty radiates from within you.

AFOND Spa Facial Treatment we have treatments suitable for all skin types

Dual Radio Frequency Facial

Usual price $198 (90 minutes)

Dual Radio Frequency Facial Treatment is a 90 minutes highly effective facial treatment which makes use of innovative Radio Frequency technology.

**(Note: Customers with metal implants, braces, pacemakers etc and/or pregnant are advised not to use any Radio Frequency Treatments.  Recommended to switch to Diamond Dermabrasion.)

Dual Radio Frequency Facial Spa treatment

Hydradermie Facial

Usual price: $ 138 (90 minutes)

Hydradermie Facial makes use of micro-current technology with active ingredients to provide customized facial treatment sessions to all skin types.

Facial Spa beauty treatment

Youth Regain Lifting Facial

Usual price: $ 138 (90 minutes)

A spectacular Non-toxic and Non-surgical Face Lift from Paris!

Youth Regaining Facial Treatment is a revolutionary new facial treatment that is under promotion now. Youth Regain Facial is a highly recommended 90 minutes Facial Treatment that targets areas where wrinkles are most evident, improving slack facial muscle-tone and reviving their youthfulness.

**(Note: Customers with metal implants, braces, pacemakers etc and/or pregnant are advised not to use any Youth Regaining Facial Treatments. Recommended to switch to Diamond Dermabrasion.)


Diamond Dermabrasion Peel

Usual price : $ 138 (90 minutes)

Diamond Derma Peel is a highly popular facial treatment that rejuvenates your skin by using the Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine to exfoliate your skin by utilizing a multi-degree diamond tipped wand.

**(Note: Diamond Dermabrasion Peel Facial is not suitable for sensitive or dry skin types.)