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Blissful Marriage Retreat

Usual Price: $457.96 (Single) to $875.26 (2-to-go)

Promotion Price: $238 (Single) to $468 (2-to-go)  (3 hrs 30 minutes)

Blissful Marriage Retreat is a total indulgence package for couples, preparing to ring the wedding bells or just wildly in love with each other. This is a 3 hours and 30 minutes Combo Couple spa package that consists of full pampering course of a body scrub and body wrap, a full body massage and youth regaining facial session. This Spa session can also be a wonderful surprise gift and a great Lovers Spa Outing for Valentine Day or a Birthday Treat!

  1. Ginger JAMU Scrub is a body scrub treatment that uses Ginger and other spices to rub away muscular aches, rheumatism, and reduces swelling. In Chinese and Indian Culinary teachings, ginger is said to have detoxification properties and is regarded as a spice that increases mental awareness. Its active healing properties includes detoxification and has a warming effect, improves blood circulation and is also an traditional remedy for chills.
  2. Javanese Herbal Wrap is a Body Wrap treatment that utilizes the deep cleansing, purifying and detoxifying properties of natural spices to achieve body polishing and deep cleansing. This in-house blended Natural Spices and Essential Oils mixture provides an aromatic experience which is suitable for all skin types, inducing general relaxation while achieving detoxification, deep cleansing and improved blood circulation, leaving your skin soft and supple.Today, this traditional treatment is used by Javanese brides during the month prior their wedding day, because of their belief that a bride should be at her cleanest and most pampered in preparation of child bearing, which was traditionally believed to be the first and foremost duty as a married woman.
  3. Youth Regaining Facial Treatment is a revolutionary new facial treatment from Paris. A highly recommended 90 minutes Facial Treatment that targets areas where wrinkles are most evident, improving slack facial muscle-tone and reviving their youthfulness. Gentle micro-currents massage the skin to drain toxins and improve blood circulation, creating a healthy radiance. Next the delicate muscles of the face, eye and neck areas are gently stimulated with the excito-motor currents. This excites the nerves, triggering the contractions of the muscles in these areas, toning the muscles, and thus refining the facial contours. Your complexion is toned, wrinkles smoothed, and facial features enhanced. Results are simply amazing, lasting and almost immediate! Youth Regaining Facial Treatment is suitable for all skin types and recommended for all who are concerned with the degenerative effects of the natural environmental forces and the risks posed by other treatments. It should be taken initially as a course over 8 to 12 weeks, normally twice per week, or as advised by your beauty therapist.

**(Note: Customers with metal implants, braces, pacemakers etc and/or pregnant are advised not to use any Youth Regaining Facial Treatments. Recommended to switch to Diamond Dermabrasion Facial.)

For Reservations, please call:

6836 0676 (Chinatown)

Please Contact AFOND Spa for prompt assistance on reservations or if you have any enquiries. As our Couple Spa Rooms are limited, we advice advance bookings.  Overseas customers are required to make full prepayment before reservation can be processed and confirmed.

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(Promotions valid for first time customers only. Valid until 30th June 2019.)