Body Wrap


Marine Clay Body Wrap

Usual price $68 (30 minutes)

Marine Clay Wrap is a body wrap treatment that helps your body firm up through its rich minerals and trace elements content.

A relaxing and therapeutic care treatment, it rejuvenates your skin by remineralising, regenerating and stimulating. Toning and firming is achieved through deep cleansing, detoxification plus improving blood circulation and oxygen supply to your skin.

The session begins with the application of heated marine clay ( 37 ° C / 38 ° C ) to your entire body, 20 minutes of rest follows to allow the ingredients to infuse into your skin, ending with a quick shower.

Note : It is normal to experience warm tingling sensations and blemishes as impurities are drawn to the surface. Continual use will clear these away.


Herbal Body Wrap

Usual price $68 (30 minutes)

Herbal Wrap is a Body Wrap treatment that utilizes the deep cleansing, purifying and detoxifying properties of natural spices to achieve body polishing and deep cleansing.

This in-house blended Natural Spices and Essential Oils mixture provides an aromatic experience which is suitable for all skin types, inducing general relaxation while achieving detoxification, deep cleansing and improved blood circulation, leaving your skin soft and supple.

Today, this traditional treatment is used by Javanese brides during the week prior their wedding day, because of their belief that a bride should be at her cleanest and most pampered in preparation of child bearing, which was traditionally believed to be the first and foremost duty as a married woman.

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Grape Fruit Body Wrap

Usual price $68 (30 minutes)

Grapefruit Body Wrap is a body wrap session that achieves moisturising effect while also capable of lightening skin tone.  Formulated using Dead Sea Mud Powder, this creamy and hydrating body wrap harness the natural acidic properties of Grapefruit to whiten, brighten dull skin complexion.