Massage Therapy


Pre Natal / Post Natal Body Massage

Usual price $168 (90 minutes)

Our Award winning Prenatal Massage and Postnatal Massage is now available as part of a spa promotion. Prenatal Massage is known as a variety of names, like Mummy Massage or Prenatal Massage or Ante Natal Massage. They are exactly the same and helps to reduce stress and strains that pregnancy brings. Come try our award winning Prenatal Massage today! Please read the benefits of Prenatal Massage and find out our promotional price here

Hot Stones Body Massage at AFOND Spa

Hot Stone Massage

Usual price $148 (90 minutes)

Hot Stone Massage is a 90 minutes therapeutic massage session that employs the Swedish massage concept while making use of smooth, heated basalt stones to target key tension areas. The warm stones are placed on the key tension areas and combined with pressure of gentle strokes, warming the muscles and inducing general relaxation.

It is an ideal remedy for chronic muscle tension and creates a great feeling of relaxation after the release of tension in your muscles. As this massage technique is more time consuming, we advise customers to do a full course to feel more relaxed and allow time for the Hot Stones to relief the muscle aches.


Swedish Body Massage

Usual price $98 (60 minutes)
Usual price $148 (90 minutes)

Swedish Body Massage is now available as part of a spa promotion bundle, “Deep Sea Secrets Couple Spa Package” please read benefits here


AromaTherapy Full Body Massage

Usual price $98 (60 minutes)
Usual price $148 (90 minutes)

Aromatherapy Full Body Massage is now available as part of a spa promotion bundle, “Invigorate Wellness Spa” please read the benefits here

Ancient Shiatsu Body Massage in professional spa

Ancient Shiatsu Massage

Usual price $98 (60 minutes)
Usual price $148 (90 minutes)

Ancient Shiatsu Massage is a 60 minutes body massage session which is based on the Ancient Japanese concept of restoring the normal flow of vital bio-energy (‘Ki’ in Japanese or ‘Chi’ in Chinese), by unblocking all energy points (meridians) using stimulation of pressure points in your body, these pressure points are also used in acupuncture and sometimes called ‘acupoints’ in English. This manipulative form of massage therapy ranges from a moderate to strong massage with stretching, leaving you feeling invigorated, revitalized and refreshed.

Ancient Shiatsu Massage also helps to reduce stress, aid the digestive system, relieve pain, improve mental, physical and sexual functioning, help musculo-skeletal problems and promote general good health.

Shiatsu massage sessions are not recommended when feeling overtired, on a full stomach or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Lifting Bust massage at AFOND Spa

Bust And Ovary Lifting Massage

Usual price $168 (90 minutes)

Lifting Bust Essentials is a 75 minutes “firming and lifting” Bust treatment with natural collagen using Lifting Bust Treatment Cream. The treatment begins with a gentle exfoliating scrub, leaving your skin free of dead cells and allowing your skin to breathe again. Next, the Lifting Bust Cream is applied and a relaxing massage follows (approx. 10 minutes), improving the blood circulation.

In the next 30 minutes, we will be using the special M5 Lifting Suction machine to achieve an “uplifting” effect on your bust, also stimulating lymphatic circulation and improving blood circulation.

A hot mask is applied next and the collagen in the mask restores your bust’s elasticity by restructuring and regenerating it. Each Bust treatment ends with a lymphatic massage with Essential Oils that enhances the diffusion of the active ingredients and facilitates cellular exchanges.

Experience a sublime moment of comfort and beauty and achieve an attractive silhouette with a firm, well curved bust!