Couple Spa Packages

Chocolate Body Wrap, Chocolate Spa for romantic couples

Back to Honeymoon

Usual price: $457.96 (single), $875.26 (2-to-go)
Promotion price: $168 (single), $318 (2-to-go)  (2 hours)

“Back to Honeymoon” is a perfect 2 hours Romantic Couple Spa Package, consisting of all four of our favourite body specialties.

  1. Milk Bath leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. … The milk also helps exfoliate the skin for additional softness. The lactic acid in milk helps clean and soften the skin. The milk hydrates the skin, preventing dryness.
  2. Aromatherapy Full Body Massage During aromatherapy massage, the skin is warmed and the blood drawn to the surface, increasing circulation and encouraging the elimination of toxins from the body, which has the consequence of speeding up recovery time from any illness or injury.

“Back to Honeymoon” is a specially designed all-round package for couples to achieve “true relaxation, rejuvenation and revitalization”, and is definitely an amazing mood enhancer, letting you feel the romance of being on a Honeymoon!

*Note: For Single sessions of this promotion, the Crystal Bath will be replaced with a Traditional Herbal Heat Rub (20 minutes).*


Deep Sea Secrets

Usual price: $457.96 (single), $875.26 (2-to-go)
Promotion price: $198 (single), $368 (2-to-go)  (2 hours 20 minutes)
  1. Swedish Body Massage uses a system of long gliding strokes, kneading, and friction techniques on the more superficial layers of muscles, generally in the direction of blood flow towards the heart.  With emphasis on improving blood flow to soft tissues, combined with active and passive movement of joints. Swedish Body Massage is used to promote general relaxation, improve blood circulation, relieve muscle tensions and improve range of motions.  Swedish Body Massage is a fairly vigorous massage and usually use as a complete, full body treatment. A popular and highly recommended Body Massage for the overly-stressed and tired body in need of rejuvenation and revitalization.
  2. Dead Sea Salt Scrub is a body scrub session that Purifies, Exfoliates and Conditions the skin.  The difference in composition of Dead Sea Salt and Common Sea Salt is very significant.  As common Sea Salt contains 97% Sodium Chloride (NaCl), Dead Sea Salt only contains 12% to 18% NaCl, while the remainder is made up of Potassium, Magnesium, Bromide and other minerals important for improving cell metabolism and regeneration. The treatment starts with a blend of Oil and Sea Salt, the mixture is applied with a gentle massaging movement to achieve a thorough yet gentle exfoliation of your skin.
  3. Marine Clay Wrap is a body treatment that helps your body get “Back into shape” through its rich minerals and trace elements content. A relaxing and therapeutic care treatment, it rejuvenates your skin by remineralising, regenerating and stimulating.  Toning and firming is achieved through deep cleansing, detoxification plus improving blood circulation and oxygen supply to your skin.   The session begins with the application of heated marine clay ( 37 ° C / 38 ° C ) to your entire body, 20 minutes of rest follows to allow the ingredients to infuse into your skin, the treatment ends with a quick shower.
  4. Marine Sea Salt Bath is a bath experience that is rich in minerals and various types of sea salts, an invigorating experience which brings the benefits of deep purifying and detoxification, reducing muscle aches and also helps reduce water retention.

*Note: For Single sessions of this promotion, the Marine Sea Salt Bath will be  replaced with a Traditional Herbal Heat Rub (20 minutes).*

couple massage in couple room

Blissful Marriage Retreat

Usual price: $457.96 (single), $875.26 (2-to-go)
Promotion price: $238 (single), $468 (2-to-go)  (3 hours 30 minutes)

Specially tailored for you to induce sensuality and the magic of love while you surrender yourself to the experience of nature.  Benefit from this all-natural and Romantic Spa experience.

    1. Ginger Jamo Scrub is a body scrub treatment that uses Ginger and other spices to rub away muscular aches, rheumatism, and reduces swelling. In Chinese and Indian Culinary teachings, ginger is said to have detoxification properties and is regarded as a spice that increases mental awareness. Its active healing properties includes detoxification and has a warming effect, improves blood circulation and is also an traditional remedy for chills.
    2. With Javanese herbal Wrap, is a Body Wrap treatment that utilizes the deep cleansing, purifying and detoxifying properties of natural spices to achieve body polishing and deep cleansing. This in-house blended Natural Spices and Essential Oils mixture provides an aromatic experience which is suitable for all skin types, inducing general relaxation while achieving detoxification, deep cleansing and improved blood circulation, leaving your skin soft and supple.Today, this traditional treatment is used by Javanese brides during the month prior their wedding day, because of their belief that a bride should be at her cleanest and most pampered in preparation of child bearing, which was traditionally believed to be the first and foremost duty as a married woman.
    3. Youth Regaining Facial Treatment is a revolutionary new facial treatment from Paris. Facial Treatment targets areas where wrinkles are most evident, improving slack facial muscle-tone and reviving their youthfulness. Making use of micro-current technology with active ingredients to provide customized facial treatment sessions to all skin types.

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